Looking for a Learning Management System

Finding an LMS is no easy task in 2014. With over 640 to choose from, having someone with the knowledge and expertise to find the right one at the right budget (yours) is essential.

Our approach is simple and transparent. We believe to find the right system for each and every client it is important to provide the processes and more importantly, what we offer to get the job done.

We do not believe in a boilerplate nor do we believe in pushing one client to a specific system or vendor client. We are 100% independent, straightforward and honest.

Regardless of where you are located in the world, we will find the learning management system (aka learning system) that meets your budgetary requirements, learner needs and future growth.

This is why, clients on six continents trust us when it comes to identifying the best LMS for them.

Let us show you what we can do.

Below is just a few of the items as part of our service.

We will find you three LMSs in 30 days that meet your requirements and budget
We include six months post support, providing you with assurances that we will be with you every step of the way
You will receive a 30 day sandbox from each vendor, along with some initial training from each vendor on how to use the system (at no charge)
Need some recommendations for an authoring tool or web conferencing? Included at no charge as part of our service
Unsure if you need to leave your current system? Need an additional evaluation – not a problem. We will do that too
How do we compare to other consulting firms in the industry?

We are the only firm that monitors and tracks over 620 LMS/Learning systems in the world;
We deal with senior executives and are on a first name basis with many CEOs; this enables us to get the best deal possible for each and every client
Craig Weiss has been there; as a training director and manager, in nine different verticals, finding a LMS that met the needs of his employees, customers and members; He has worked in the association, non-profit, B2B, B2C corporate; from start-ups to Fortune 100.
Craig was there at the beginning of e-learning in the corporate sector
His blog readers and social media followers include analysts and consultants in many of the biggest consulting and research firms in the world; seeking his insight and perspective
E-Learning 24/7 is the only consulting firm that includes six months post support, which means once you sign the contract with a vendor, if at anytime you have an issue with the vendor, Craig will step in and assist you
Want to know more? Let’s chat. We’ll listen. Contact us at 714-855-1774 or by E-mail: Craig Weiss

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